If you are looking for the ideas that can help you to decorate your bedroom as well as the walls of the room then this article is for you. Different Designs and themes are mentioned here that can definitely help you to decorate the walls of your beautiful salt lake city apartments and whole room indirectly.

Miniature Garden:

Miniature garden theme is also a good suggestion for your bedroom. This theme can be ideal for you if like to live near greenery. You can create a small miniature garden just above the bed on the walls. You can also use this style on the wall just opposite to the bed. You can also draw some small birds above your miniature garden to give it pure natural look.  Keep in mind that basic purpose of this theme is to decorate your bedroom. You are supposed to avoid the creepers and other different type of hanging plants that touches the bed. You have to place the plants and grass on some distance from the bed so that they could not touch you. Also add some beautiful flowers in your miniature garden to increase its beauty. Artificial flowers and flowering plants will be best and interesting twist to construct beautiful and colorful miniature garden just above your sleeping bed.

Décor Tip: Paint the walls of the apartment white to produce the exciting color of different flowers.

Portrait of yourself:

You can use one of your beautiful and favorite pictures to put on the wall just behind the bed. This is a good idea to place your own big picture on the wall of your bedroom for specifying that it’s your room. Some people like to place their childhood picture on the wall of their bedroom to refresh the beautiful memories of the childhood. You can also draw a pencil sketch of yourself on the wall behind the bed. Avoid drawing small sized images behind the bed. If you do so then your picture will not be prominent and hence it’d be useless to place it there. There are a lot of websites that can help you to make the customized wallpaper. You can set your own picture in any design that you like. Just upload the picture and apply the settings that you want and after that save it in your system. You can set the resolution, dimensions as well as the size of the picture on these websites.

Décor Tip: Use light color scheme to add a weird glow to the snaps on the wall of bedroom. Place the big size photograph in the background on the bed.