How To Make An Apartment Feel Your OWN

Owing one of the beautiful Salt Lake City Apartments is simply great, however, if you do not own one even that does not make a difference as you can rent one of these. Renting does not mean that you will necessarily be living in some bland box. Here are some tips that will make the apartment feel your home.

First of all you should not be reluctant at all about asking your landlord regarding the things that can be done or not with your apartment. Most of them don’t have any major concern with painting, replacement of existing light fixtures and window treatments, hanging wall fixtures, etc. if it is ensured that the apartment is returned to original state at the time when you’ll move out. Some paint, on one of the walls or throughout your apartment, can certainly make a lot of difference when it comes to the feel of the space.

Lighting can be considered as one of the inexpensive methods of decorating and instantly improving the overall atmosphere of your rented space. First things should be done first; the hideous overhead lighting fixture should be changed as it casts unattractive, stark light on all the things. It should be replaced with some chandelier or a fixture that is an expression of your personal style. The ambiance can wonderfully be controlled with the help of the dimmer lights. You can place canister lamps on floors to wash the light up your apartment’s walls.

It is often seen that many of the apartments are big rectangles in which living room and dining room spaces fall in a single line and this creates the look of bowling-alley. This malady can be cured by dividing all the spaces into separate boxes according to their functionality. A big artwork, plant, curio or a bookcase can be put to use for dividing your space in halves. Using curves can be good for you to take off the edges from your boxy room. Go for round chairs, tables as well as other round furnishings.

Definitely the bed can be tucked into some wall or couch. You can also block it using screens, bookcases or screens, but another option is available to you: Put your bed right in center of your room.

Artwork, fabrics, accessories, light fixtures, rugs, mirrors, drapes – all of them are a source of adding some amazing style to your rented apartment and all of them are wonderfully portable. You can dress up or undress bare walls with the help of moldings which are added for the architectural distinction. You can even use decals and stick-on wallpapers. Use the items which can stimulate your senses as they can be a source of making your rented apartment more personal. This can certainly make you feel more relaxed in your apartment.